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Breaking your Golf Handicap barrier!

Stu Flowers first came to my Top Tee Shots workshop and my Ace Approach Shot workshop. After seeing some quick results from the workshops, Stuart decided he wanted to come and see me 1-2-1. He currently plays off a 12 handicap and after talking about his game our goal now is to get to single figures next season. Stu is a keen golfer, has been playing for years and hasn’t been able to break the 12-handicap barrier.

Stu struggles with a slice and has never been able to move the ball right to left. We identified that his path was very much out-to-in averaging -11 degrees with his face angle at impact averaging -2 degrees. The first job was to bring the club path number down and look at why he is swinging a lot from out-to-in. Stu is a healthy and fit guy and has played multiple sports. We soon concluded it’s not the physical that he can’t do it, it is just the understanding of how the body and arms work together.

Once we identified why he was slicing the ball and how his body was moving we then started with some simple drills for Stu to get used to moving the body more efficiently in his rotation and transferring his weight. Once Stu practiced these movements enough and seeing some before and after videos, we then started hitting some half shots and immediately saw some improved results in the ball flight and the club path number on Trackman. Slowly we built this up to a full shot. It was encouraging coming to the end Stu started moving the ball right to left on the odd shot, producing a draw shot but more importantly we cut down the left to right curvature on the ball from a slice to a fade.

“I have never been able to move the ball right to left before, this is the first time I’ve seen I can draw the ball, I am really happy and it all makes sense what I have to do when I practice”.

Stu has never had the understanding of why he hits a slice and how to correct it. Here we have kept it very simple so he can practice the right things giving him more confidence when he plays and giving him a feeling, he can take away and practice with some drills he can do in the house to train the body to move more efficiently to hit his desired ball flight.

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