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Matthew Richardson

PMG Master Coach

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Introducing Matthew Richardson, PMG Master Coach at PMG Academies. Matthew is not your average golf guru; he's on a mission to provide players with the ultimate lesson experience.

Unlike some coaches who subscribe to the "get worse before you get better" philosophy, Matthew is all about eradicating that notion. He believes in analyzing available data to identify the easiest gains for each player and then implementing those improvements in the simplest, most effective way possible.

What sets Matthew apart is his commitment to understanding the individual golfer in front of him. Before delivering any information, he takes the time to delve into their goals, expectations, and preferred learning style. This personalized approach ensures that every player leaves with a comprehensive understanding of what they need to do to enhance their golf game.

Matthew's coaching philosophy revolves around simplicity and efficiency. By focusing on easy gains and tailoring his approach to the individual, he aims to create an environment where improvement is not only achievable but enjoyable. So, if you're tired of the "get worse" mentality and seek a coach who prioritizes your unique needs, Matthew Richardson is the name to remember at PMG Academies.



Philippa Whatley

Matthew’s style of coaching is simple and enjoyable, and I look forward to my lessons with him. I highly recommend him.


Neil Hemingbrough

I wanted a coach who would work with what I already had, and not change everything. With Matt I have never looked back. Money very well spent.


Dale Middleton

At first I was apprehensive about getting lessons but Matt made everything easy and enjoyable. My game and technique has really improved.


Alex Rance

My only regret is trying to fix my problems with youtube instead of going straight to Matt before. My handicap has dropped 10 shots in 5 months !

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