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A great team of forward thinking Coaches!

PMG Academy Coaches are recruited largely on one overriding factor. Their passion to improve players and develop skills to take their clients game to the next level. They are all Trackman  users, they believe in the PMG ethos of the 5 P's of Winning Golf and constantly upskill their coaching with Professional development.

While PMG Coaches help golfers of all ages and standards, we are very proud to have Coaches that have helped County Champions, International Amateurs, winners on all of Europe's major Professional Tours and even the Olympic Games.

Better than that we believe in constantly reviewing what our clients require, to be ahead of the curve in this ever changing game. We are here to help you both during and after your coaching sessions with our online service.

'Our passion is your Golf'


Mark Pearson

PMG Academy Director, Headingley

The founder of PMG, former PGA National Academy Director and Coach to winners on the PGA European Tour. more info...


Matthew Richardson

PGA Coach, Romanby

A bright Coach on the up, returning to his native Yorkshire from a spell coaching at Sunnigdale. more info...


Jack Hayward

PGA Coach, Sunderland

A bright young Professional new into a coaching career after competing on the PGAEuroPro Tour. more info...


Keiron Gaskell

PGA Coach, Willow Valley

Kieron likes to coach the player in front of him and not the method. Kieron's aim is to help every pupil play their best golf. more info...

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Quintin van der Berg

Academy Director, Selby

Quintin’s philosophy is looking at the needs of each individual player from a swing perspective. more info...


Steven McDonnell

Head Teaching Professional, Richmond

Steven has over 30 years' experience in golf from playing, coaching and designing golf development projects. 

more info...

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Brian Ridley

Academy Director, Sunderland

30,000 lessons experience, a Durham County Coach and  accredited to coach Aimpoint Greenreading.  more info...


Gary Shipley

PGA Coach, Sunderland

30 years experience and worked with England Golf, Universities and Clubs to develop players of all standards. more info...


Joe Tinsley

PGA Coach, Willow Valley

Joe strongly believes that everybody is built differently, and as such everybody will have different tendencies with their movement patterns. more info...

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Elliot Lister

PGA Coach, Willow Valley and Selby

Elliott believes that every golfer is different and it is crucial to find the simplest way to reach the goals of the individual. more info...


Steve Whiteside

Head Teaching Professional, Windermere

Steve has travelled widely in his quest for coaching knowledge. He aims to deliver high quality coaching. more info...

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