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Jack Hayward

PGA Teaching Professional


Jack has been a Professional Golfer since 2015. Originally from the South West, he won consecutive intercollegiate team titles with Filton College as well as representing Gloucestershire County Golf. As an amateur, Jack had a handicap of +1 and since turning pro has competed on various satellite tours in the UK and Europe. He has been spotted and mentored by other professionals who continue to share their Ryder Cup and European Tour winning experiences.

With enthusiasm and enjoyment, Jack coaches junior, beginner, mid-handicap, and advanced golfers. He has a passion for learning and continuous professional development. By studying with the PGA in his spare time, he brings his expanding knowledge into his coaching toolkit. In sharing the right practices in a correctly tailored approach, Jack looks to not just improve technique but bring out the performance element in any golfer. 

Jack has a particular interest in the golf swing. Whilst appreciating the range of philosophies dedicated to perfecting this, he adapts these fundamentals and introduces them to his students’ natural movement. Jack has seen how strength and conditioning can improve technique and maximise performance. With this, he looks to link physiology of the body and the golf swing to give his students a confident and consistent game.

Jack believes simplicity is key. In a game where over-complication is common, he is clear that with the right plan and discipline, any goal can be achieved.

“Everyone who plays the game of golf has natural tendencies as unique as their own fingerprints. My coaching is all about identifying and leveraging students’ natural instincts, nurturing sound fundamentals and introducing new techniques to bring out a better player. Improvement and consistency will quickly follow.”



Michael Taylor

I was on the verge of giving golf up completely. then Jack helped my handicap go from 17 to 14 in 3 months!


Anthony Fryatt

With Jack i could see my knowledge and understanding improving. With each lesson my confidence grows.


Paul Black

I now can break 100 and couldnt be happier with how I've progressed with Jack's patient guidance.


Stephen Orlie

Jack is a top quality coach with great knowledge, I am improving massively after every lesson.