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Brian Ridley

Head Coach

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Brian has been involved in the game professionally since 1982, he's worked at home and abroad building up an in depth knowledge of the golf swing, he was awarded Advanced PGA membership status by the PGA in 1995 and has literally spent thousands of hours on the lesson tee.

Brian works with players of all abilities from beginners, intermediates through to international players and Professionals 

Brian is currently Trackman level 2 certified he uses Trackman4 in all lessons along with other technology and he is also AimPoint certified. 

Like most coaches Brian is a student of the golf swing and has a list of coaches who have influenced him to this point in his career, a support network of ‘mentors’ which without doubt have shaped his holistic philosophy.

Brian employ’s PMG’s 5P’s ethos to help players establish an overview of their game, he will  create a whole game plan so the player can become the best version of themselves they can be,he has a proven holistic, no stone left unturned approach to help players all levels improve.


He will help players ascertain certain goals, then help develop a blueprint or roadmap to help a player achieve his or her goals whether that be something fairly simple like hole more putts, gain 20yards, increase flexibility or improve mentally, whatever your needs may be.


Brian is currently available at both Romanby and Rockliffe Hall Golf Academies. 

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