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Callum Barker

PGA Teaching Professional

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Callum’s interest in golf started from a young age, he was a member at his local golf club where he started as a Junior and progressed to playing in the first team. He then went on to study at UCLAN University where he gained his BSc Hons in Golf Coaching and Performance. Callum then became Assistant Professional at his local golf club, where he studied his PGA alongside working and became Pro in 2015. Following this, Callum moved to a Golf Academy with high end facilities where he started coaching full time.  During this time, Callum taught a wide variety of age and ability ranges from Beginner to Elite. Alongside this, Callum taught the Union Juniors in the area and groups abroad, but he is most proud of the Charity work offered whereby he taught beginners with a variety of learning difficulties. 

Transparency, communication and tailoring needs to suit each individual are at the forefront of Callum’s coaching style. He is passionate that all players have their own learning style to achieve their goals as best they can. On Course Coaching is Callum’s particular interest as it gives players a full overview of all aspects with their coach. This then gives Callum more insight into what improvements to focus on and prioritise in lessons. By offering the dynamic lessons, Callum’s ultimate goal is to not only see improvements in quality of play and a better understanding of the game, but to see more devotion, commitment and excitement from the players as a result of the lessons. 

heaton creative photography-10.jpg
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