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Reducing Golf Handicap!

James Baker first came in early November. James loves his golf and plays off a handicap of 8. James told me during the first session he’d like to reduce his handicap and one day in the future become a PGA Professional. During the first session we discussed his game in detail. He has no issue with distance/power, he can play all the shots needed but struggled with consistency and accuracy. This gave us a base to start with. Early in the session we established that James suffered from early extension in the downswing that caused a reduction in space between his arms/body. With some well-trained hands James managed to save the shot but not all the time. The fix was to give James a feel drill that we worked on at a slow speed. This helped James to feel the position/move but also to understand how his body needs work.

When we had this feel in place, we swapped the pole for a club and we placed a ball between his forearms to help with his body/arm connection and continued to work on the feel of the move and the rotation.

This created more space during his downswing and combined with better rotation and body/arm connection he found that his club face was more stable through impact. James no longer needed to use his hands to rescue the shot. James loves to practice, so he worked hard on these moves after the lesson and within 2 weeks went on to his first ever under par round. Now we have a long-term plan in place to guide James’s game to where he needs it to become a PGA Professional.

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