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No more Shanking the Golf Ball!

Tom Duncan first came for a lesson around 2 months ago. He was suffering from the Shanks and was considering quitting the game as it was frustrating him that much.

We started with a 2-hour session which involved going on the golf course for an hour and then heading into the world class swing studio at Headingley Golf Performance Academy. It was clear immediately the cause of the shanks in Tom's game was that he was aiming around 30 yards right of target when taking a shot. Tom was also swinging the club from out to in which was encouraging him to have the club outside the line of the ball at impact. This made it more likely that Tom was going to hit the shot with the heel of the club. Tom's club path at the time was averaging at -7. By the end of the 2-hour session we ended up getting this down to -2.

After Tom started to realise that he was a lot less likely to shank the ball, his confidence started to increase, and he was feeling more comfortable on the golf course. Tom no longer had a desire to quit and was enjoying playing again. After the swing changes and a chipping and pitching session Tom’s game quickly improved and he managed to score 48 points in his next round, followed up with a score of 45 points after that.

Tom just needed to get the right expert advice to allow him to make the changes needed which not only improved his swing but gave him the confidence and desire to get back to playing the game he enjoys.

Click on the link for more information on PGA Professional Golf Coach Callum Barker: Callum Barker | PMG

Click on this link to Book your Intro session with Callum Barker: Half Price Intro Offer | Headingley Golf Performance Academy (

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