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Confidence in your Golf shot's is not to be underestimated!

A love of golf is a very relatable feeling for a lot of us. Neil has always had a love of golf, spending hours on the range a week, well before I started working with him. He was a self-confessed range rat. However, his golf game had stagnated, his handicap frozen for around 3 years.

His swing was not classic, and this made him cautious of lessons, worried of a negative backlash, however I like to feel this fear was sated very early on. We quickly found a blueprint to improve his golf. We made a simple change to one element of his swing to control his ball flight and make it predictable. This helped, but certainly wasn’t the key to his success. We than made our focus on practicing to perform and applying pressure to allow him to put his obvious skill into scores.

Overcoming Neil’s frailty under pressure was his biggest win. He would not hit a driver or 3 wood as he couldn’t commit to the shot, and would lose rhythm, timing and routine under pressure.

Consequently, we made practice uncomfortable, and made everything a pressure situation. He made rounds have consequences and scored and graded practice sessions. This allowed him to translate his range form, first onto the course, then into handicap scoring rounds, before entering competitions and even playing team matches.

Neil won’t deny to anyone that he struggles with confidence on the golf course, but I wouldn’t want to play him for money off his handicap. He now happily hits driver off any tee and has seen a newfound consistency to his scores.

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