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Aimpoint Greenreading - My Journey Part 1

I have always been keen to develop professionally, to offer my clients the best opportunity of improving their golf, it was whilst checking out Professional development opportunities I first discovered AimPoint Green Reading.

I had always considered myself a pretty useful putter, so my initial thoughts were 'what is this guy actually going to teach me?

My version of reading greens was to go down on your honkers behind the ball, hold the putter shaft up, you may circle the hole and look from the other side, try to internalise the feel for speed and that was green reading,or so I thought.

I met AimPoint European lead instructor Jamie Donaldson on the putting green at Ramside Hall,he was tasked with showing myself and a group of others how to navigate the putting green there, we were going to learn the AimPoint Chart Read a read using an aim chart which had a series of dart board like images inside and approximately 600 numbers therein, all rather mind blowing at first!

Jamie delivered a quality two hour class (something I have now become accustomed to) this felt like ten minutes I remember walking over to him early in the session and enthusing 'I love this, I would love to teach this', he said 'unfortunately you can't, it's proprietary it's copy written material and we have a network of coaches who deliver our material',not to be deterred I pestered him, and as he left Newcastle central station to return home we had arranged he would come back to the North East and do classes at Beamish Park Hotel Golf Academy later that year.

Little did I know the implications that meeting would have on my coaching journey and the decisions I would subsequently make.

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