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SOS Course Management Seminar

Join PGA European Tour Coach Mark Pearson for his enlightening course management seminar. You will learn the following:-

- The benefits of a marginal gains approach

- How to collect and apply strokes gained information.

- How to calculate your misses and dispersion.

- A foolproof approach shot strategy.

- When to hit driver. - and more!

Tuesday 10th March - Oulton Hall
Thursday 12th March - Romanby
6.00pm - 8.00pm

Are you a dedicated golfer wanting to lower your scores without the necessity of spending hours on the range?

Are you a Professional throwing away cash by not applying an intelligent data driven strategy on the course?

Are you an elite or aspiring Professional not realising your dreams because of poor performance in competitions?

If so then read on...............

At PMG we've always been fan's of the shorter way to lower scores, so there’s no better way than having a smart course management strategy!

If you believe all your shots fly dead straight or all your 7 irons travel the same distance you’re deluded at best but probably stupid!

Being smart is understanding the size of the dispersion and learning to aim the shotgun scatter using a method of secondary and final targets.

Equally if you don’t understand the benefit of hitting driver almost always and hardly ever laying up you need an education in marginal gains and strokes gained strategies.

We believe operating such a system is one of the most overlooked aspects of elite and low handicap golf.

PGA European Tour player Chris Hanson reduced his strokes gained Tee to Green by over a shot per round in 18 months using such a system and is now one of the leading players in strokes gained approach shots on tour!

If you want to learn more about our S.O.S. (Smart or Stupid) Course Management and learn tour tested approach shot strategies, when to hit driver, how to lay up and your odds of playing successful recoveries why not attend this seminar.

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