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FatPlate Pace and Line Trainer PuttMatt

FatPlate Pace and Line Trainer PuttMatt


PuttMatt is designed to improve your stroke to help hole more putts. The double-putting tracks provide technical and transitional training with ‘effective width’ to show a visual pathway to the full width of the cup – ideal for keeping the ball on track. 


Produced with a robust Stay-flat latex rubber backing and a woven pile surface that provides a medium pace of 10, PuttMatt is compatible with any surface and can be used in conjunction with the PuttPlate, ArcMat, MIrrorPlate and MirrorBoard. 


What's in the box?


  • Putt Mat (3050mm x 660mm)
  • PuttCup
  • 24-page Training Guide
  • Practice Playing Record
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