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Eyeline Speed Trap Version 2.0

Eyeline Speed Trap Version 2.0

SKU: PE161

The Speed Trap was developed to help you do two things, hit it longer and hit it straighter! 


With this new 2.0 version you get the rod tethers built into the strongest base ever and upgraded design points throughout.  We’ve learned a lot and you are going to love it!


What's New With the Speed Trap 2.0?


  • Wider to make it easier for your Driver

  • Tethers - in case you hit a guide rod it will stay close for your next swing

  • Larger velcro to keep the rods in place over-and-over again

  • Longer slot to give more room for you to “trap” the ball

  • Brighter alignment stripe for your eyes to see the intended line

  • Carry bag with a zippered pouch to hold your rods and tethers

  • Backed with the instruction you need to know what to do with the Speed Trap 2.0 to improve - not just flail away in confusion

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