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As you are well aware your golf performance matters most to us at PMG, we have searched extensively for a solution to performance custom fitting and are now delighted to offer AFGOLFX fitting hubs at selected PMG venues.

The venues will be visited regularly with the AFGOLFX fitting hub mobile service. Because this is mobile please don't underestimated how comprehensive the performance fitting sessions are.

Using Trackman technology every combination of equipment across 5 brands, industry leading fitting experts along with low prices and superb service, this is definitely the way to gain the competitive edge with your equipment.

PMG Academies - AFGOLFX Fitting Hubs


… thats why at  AFGOLFX fitting hubs, we believe every golfer needs to have a custom fitting session to ensure they find the right golf clubs that offer a performance benefit to them. 

No two people are the same, therefore how can we all buy the same clubs off the rack and expect to create the same performance outcomes. This is why, we do not charge for the custom fitting process, to ensure every golfer has the chance to find the right club for them.

With the use of industry leading technology, expert club fitters and thousands of combinations from the games leading brands in club head, shaft and grip we can identify the perfect clubs for you, customise them to your specification and offer a seven day build service to get your new clubs to you sooner, with clarity and peace of mind every step of the way!

Current fitting hub venues

You, and your game are UNIQUE…

Schedule of custom fitting hub visits 

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