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Quintin van der Berg

Head Teaching Professional/ Director Of Coaching

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Quintin van der Berg is a South African born golf professional.  He brings a tremendous amount of experience and passion for teaching to PMG. Quintin is a PGA Fellow Professional with over 20 years of international teaching experience. Having held several distinguished positions at prominent clubs and academies worldwide.  Quintin’s passion is the development of skilled golfers. Working with over 50 Tour players such as Garth Mulroy, Trevor Fisher Jnr, Neil Schietekat, Peter Karmis and many others he knows what it takes to produce winners!. Although working actively with many Touring professionals and Elite amateurs he enjoys developing and nurturing young stars for the future. Quintin continues to seek out the best current information to share with each of his students as well as helping average club golfers improve their game and ultimately enhance their enjoyment when playing. Quintin has also been a keynote speaker at various PGA coaching summit's.



Quintin’s philosophy is looking at the needs of each individual player from a swing perspective and where they reside on the overall swing spectrum. Some players need improved geometry and reduced degrees of freedom, others need improved biomechanical function for improved dynamics and speed production, some need both! Improving overall performance can be accomplished through refinement of skillsets, and adjusting strategic outlooks. Utilizing technology to measure and determine where on the spectrum the current player resides and where they need to make refinements in order to facilitate the largest improvements in score. There is no one method or swing style for all golfers. Rather, the instructor must develop an efficient and repeatable motion based on the student’s functional movement. Utilizing their physiology, a student will then learn the necessary stability, mobility, and power sources unique to their stroke pattern whether putting, pitching or driving the ball. Data collection is imperative with strokes gained/lost to determine the best course of action.

Teaching Achievements 
  • Invited by the South African PGA to present a seminar on technology in golf  instruction and the new ball flight laws.

  • Speaker at National Teaching Conference for PGA Spain

  • 3 participants at USA Junior World Championships

  • 3  Big Easy Tour winners

  • 5  Sunshine Tour winners

  • 1 European Tour winner

  • 12 National Amateur Champions

  • 9  Club Champions

  • Coached Neil Schietekat/Martin Maritz  to participation in 140th Open Championship

  • Coached Peter Appleyard to participation in the the 137th Open Championship

  • Coached Garth Mulroy to participation in the 114tth US Open Championship.


Qualifications and Certifications
  • Bachelor TGM (The Golfing Machine)

  • ZenoLink Biomechanics

  • MORAD participant

  • Director of Coaching / 5 Simple Keys South Africa

  • FocusBand Authorised

  • Medicus Certified Instructor

  • Boditrak Certified

  • PGA Fellow Professional

  • Scott Cowx Advanced Certified Instructor

  • Lynn Blake Senior Certified Instructor

  • K-Coach Certified Instructor

  • Forces & Motion Certified

  • Sam Puttlab Level 3 Certified Instructor

  • USKidsGolf Certified Instructor

  • TPI Golf Certified

  • TPI Golf Level 2 Certified

  • TPI Power Level 2 Certified

  • TPI Junior Level 2 Certified

  • TPI Fitness Level 2 Certified

  • Trackman Certified

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