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Personal Online Coaching


"If you had asked me a few years ago was it possible to coach successfully online I would have said no!

Technology and communication aids have progressed so fast that I now realise this is probably my number one form of coaching with my elite players who travel the world.

We now have lots of success without being face to face. So this gives great availability to those who don't have access to successful coaches in their geographical area.

I now look forward to helping golfers worldwide!"

Mark Pearson

PGA European Tour Coach

Week One

  • Discuss the player goals.

  • Set definitive targets, measures and timescales.

  • Gather week one onboarding information

  • Plan the communication between player and coach.

  • Plan the specific  process of development.

  • Create a four week training / playing plan.


  • Analyse previous 7 days results

  • Use app to monitor video and send personalised video responses.

  • Use WhatsApp, Phone, email etc to communicate

  • Monitor both training and playing stats where applicable.

  • Re-assess the impact on the development plan.

  • Send relevant online generic material where appropriate.


If still undecided please email me at and I'll be happy to explain the programme or jump on a call to discuss.

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