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Liam Taylor

PGA Coach


‘’There is no blueprint to a golf swing, every golfer’s swing is unique and must be developed in a way that targets movements which provide consistency, repeatability and in essence a controllable ball flight’’. 

Liam Taylor PGA Coach is a highly motivated coach and aims to utilize this motivation, positivity, and love for the sport to help increase participation and improve each golfer’s skill level through the PMG Academy's extensive list of coaching options. Liam is keen on continually improving his knowledge through all avenues as a PGA coach with a long-term target of reaching Master PGA golf coach, in doing so Liam regularly attends training courses to help broaden his knowledge whilst staying up to date with the latest coaching technological advancements within the industry. Liam customizes each golfer’s development plan to help target the player's specific long-term ambitions by implementing a pathway of short-term targets whilst applying factual data and feedback through world-renowned coaching technology such as Trackman and Hackmotion.

Liam strongly believes each golfer should pursue a target that improves all aspects of the game, by targeting the weaker areas this enables the golfer to develop expertise which empowers the golfer to become fearless no matter the situation, he/she is presented with.

Liam's coaching philosophy is based on implementing established fundamentals together with modern advancements which encourage the body and the club to work efficiently whilst targeting each golfer’s specific ambitions.

Liam has broad experience within custom fitting and strongly advises all players to only use custom-fitted equipment if they truly wish to develop as a golfer. Many golf swings become restricted by the equipment they choose and without custom-fitted equipment they allow the equipment to dictate their motion, custom fitted clubs quite simply enable the golfer with the ability and tools required to gain complete control of the ball flight they intend to create.

As an amateur, Liam was Golf Monthly National Howdidido Men’s Division One Order of Merit Winner – A season-long competition competing against 11,603 competitors.


Fully Qualified PGA Golf Coach.

ASQ Level 2 Certified Coach.

Bull 3D Level 1 Certified biomechanics coach.

Eyeline Golf Tour Toll Certified Putting Instructor.

Trackman Coach.

Hackmotion Coach (Wrist sensor).

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