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Bruce Pritchard

PGA Coach


Bruce coming from Africa has has been a student of the game from competing well in the junior levels to eventually turning professional in 2017

And has from an early age been in a position to siphon out what are the vital fundamentals and what you can get away with.

Bruce's instruction to juniors is a language they will understand and with it comes to the spirit of the game and how it will influence your life as it has his plus all the anecdotes regarding golf .

Bruce has a simple formula in getting the learner to understand the swing rather than contort the body into uncomfortable positions.

No two swings are the same but the trick with golf is repition and this is where Bruce's all round sporting ability helps as many ball sports rely on the same principles such as weight shift, head position and  balance.

Adults and juniors will enjoy Bruce's unique method of coaching as he can recollect all the feelings associated with a suggested change in technique and never forgetting  Ben Hogans advice- " the answers are all there in the dirt".

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